15pc Norman Love Confections Black™ Chocolate Gift Box

15pc Norman Love Confections Black™ Chocolate Gift Box


Single-origin dark chocolates made from five of the finest cacao growing regions across the globe, including Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Tanzania, and El Salvador.

This product is GLUTEN FREE (safe for Celiac, Gluten Allergy and Gluten-Free Lifestyles

Gluten Free

Product Description

Taste your way through the world of chocolate as you indulge in Norman Love Confections BLACK™, a collection of premium dark chocolates that celebrates the unique flavors of five distinct areas. With cocoa percentages varying from 68% to 88%, these beautiful confections are a must-try for any dark chocolate connoisseur.

Includes three (3) of each flavor: Nyangbo (Ghana, 68%), St. Domingue (Dominican Republic, 70%), Peru (Peru, 74%), Tanzanie (Tanzania, 75%), Jiquilisco Bay (El Salvador, 97%).

This product does not contain preservatives and is best enjoyed within 3 weeks of delivery. If you are buying a gift, please choose an appropriate delivery date to ensure freshness.


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