Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Gourmet Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Kit


Milk and dark chocolates mix together to create a rich, chewy, chocolaty cookie, loaded with pecans. Yield: 12 cookies

Product Description

Stir Bake Love Gourmet Cookie Kits – Award-winning pastry chef Norman Love has created a cookie mix for home bakers so simple you won’t believe it’s gourmet – until you taste it! Each package of Stir, Bake, LOVE contains all the premium ingredients you need to make the perfect batch of gourmet cookies, perfectly pre-measured for your convenience. Simply add an egg and butter and bake as directed. Enjoy warm oven-fresh gourmet cookies at home with no recipe, no shopping and no waste. Just stir, bake and LOVE. Four Delicious Flavors!


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