Chocolate Easter Eggs

Celebrate the season with dazzling chocolate Easter Eggs in gorgeous gift boxes!

Easter Egg Chocolate Boxes

Ten delicious cream-filled Easter Eggs, available in 5 Piece, 10 Piece, 25 Piece and 50 Piece gift boxes!

Easter Gift Baskets

Eggsquisite assortments of chocolate cream Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and more!

More Easter Favorites

Fill their Easter baskets with best-selling confections

Easter Egg Collection

10 beautiful cream eggs available in three delicious gift boxes: 10 Piece Easter Gift Box, 25 Piece Easter Gift Box, 5 Piece Easter Gift Box.

Peanut Butter Cream

Creamy peanut butter mixed with signature milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Shell

Strawberry Cream

A classic pairing of strawberries and white chocolate

White Chocolate Shell

Orange Cream

Fresh-squeezed Florida OJ and vanilla cream

White Chocolate Shell

Coffee Cream

Sweet cream infused with a bold shot of coffee

Dark Chocolate Shell

Pistachio Cream

Salty Sicilian pistachios blended into a layer of white chocolate

Milk Chocolate Shell

Caramel Cream

Rich caramel paired with milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Shell

Dark Chocolate Cream

A delectable bite of flavorful dark chocolate ganache

Dark Chocolate

Coconut Cream

Tropical coconut and sweet white chocolate

White Chocolate Shell

Mint Cream

A refreshing taste of cool mint covered in dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Shell

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla-infused white chocolate cream in a crisp shell

Dark Chocolate Shell