floirda orange and champagne truffles
mimosa chocolate

Mimosa Gift Box


Fizzy champagne and freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice create a chocolate experience unlike any other.

Product Description

We brought back our beloved Florida Orange bonbon and paired it with champagne truffles to reimagine everyone’s favorite Sunday morning drink in chocolate. Tart. Bubbly. Delicious. Available in limited quantities while supplies last.

Included Flavors:
Florida Orange: This best-seller is back! Fresh squeezed Florida orange juice and white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell.

Champagne Truffle: A rich dark chocolate truffle coated in powdered sugar and infused with Brut Champagne for bubbles in every bite.

This product does not contain preservatives and is best enjoyed within three weeks of delivery. If you are buying a gift, please choose an appropriate delivery date to ensure freshness. The actual selection of flavors within each box may vary from those pictured here.

Customer Reviews

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Was for a gift and perfect

Champane Truffles Unknown! So Sad : (

My daughter and I went into the Miromar store this weekend planing to buy some treats for ourselves and a few friends however we were told that they had never heard of the Champagne Truffles or the Mimosa and Strawberry Champagne pairings. We left feeling very disappointed.

Marvelous Mimosa Pairing

These chocolates are beautiful and delicious together and are packaged beautifully. They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!