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Superior in taste and gorgeous appearance

At first glance you see a unique product by it’s artistic presentation and exquisite packaging. It won’t disappoint as evidenced by the response from those you gift it to. Very difficult not to consume this wonder candy yourself before gifting it.

24 Piece Heart Gift Box

I love this chocolates you can never go wrong recommend them for any occasion the cake's are amazing as well the chocolate arrived with PERFECT packaging and condition I had then ship to New York city Norman love is great

Happy wife, Happy life

It’s become a tradition in our home. When are away from home I like to surprise my wife with our favorite artisinal chocolates. Life is good and you folks make it better. Thanks !

These were a gift... so I am not the person to ask. I do know both gifts were very much appreciated and enjoyed.

24 Piece Heart Gift Box

Wonderful treat!

wonderful experience - wonderful chocolates. Shipping was fast and on time!

wonderful experience - wonderful chocolates. Shipping was fast and on time! Eric Covington Carmel IN

10 Piece Heart Gift Box

Valentines for Cherbie

This was sent as a gift to my sister, who purchases Norman Love for everyone she cares for. I thought she should be the one treated. She loved them and was so surprised.

Always good

Good selection and quality.

Wife loved every piece ,her absolute most favorite chocolate is Norman Loves

Delivery was at 9:30pm our notifications stated we would receive the candy by 11am. Very disappointed by the delivery time on valentine day



In love with Chocolate

I got this for my husband for his birthday which happens to be on Valentines. He loves to try me things including flavors. He has absolutely loved this product and I have no doubt more will soon be ordered.

Wife absolutely loved them.

I was really impressed with the quality of the ingredients. Each chocolate was a a delicious masterpiece.

Wish Every Month had a Valentine's Day

Signature box is always wonderful, but Valentine's Day heart collection is really something special. Why not make it available all the time?

Excellent! says mother-in-law!

I purchased the Black Chocolate Gift Box for my mother-in-law thinking she may not like it as she only likes chocolates from a local chocolate company. I was very pleased when she said the flavor of the Norman Love chocolates was excellent (and, of course, they're beautiful)!!!!!

Two Weeks of Valentines

Married 42 years and this year’s Gift of Norman Love chocolates made this one the most memorable Valentines celebration yet. We’ve each selected and enjoyed a confection every night since Valentines Day. Tonight we’ll sadly have our last two NL treats. Thanks for making February so special.

Mom’s Valentine

She loved it. Looks forward to all holidays knowing I’ll send her something from Norman Love!

Made her day!

My wife has been in love with your chocolates since your limited edition work with fanniemay. Im sorry to say it took me so long to find your site. Rest assured, I will continue to be a customer from now on, she deserves it. Thank you,

10 Piece Heart Gift Box

Top notch chocolates

Delicious, interesting, and always me and everyone who is gifted a box!

Great chocolate!

Fantastic chocolates and shipping. Arrived fresh just like mama use to make. True work of art!

Exquisite & Delicious! Amazing Edible Works of Art!

These are the best chocolates and truffles I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. The unique flavor combinations, along with trusted classics, have excellent taste and texture. Crisp chocolate exteriors, and creamy centers, these chocolates taste very fresh and not old and stale as with some rival chocolate companies. Believe me, once you taste these, you will know the difference and not want to buy from other large chocolatiers again. Finally, each of these chocolates looks like it is a hand painted work of art....a feast for the eyes. They make a wonderful gift, and we have received them from two businesses in the past as a "Merry Christmas" gift, and I have bought them for my husband, who normally doesn't care for chocolates but LOVES Norman Loves Chocolates, as do I. I would have attached a photo, but I forgot the photo is before the chocolates are eaten, and we couldn't wait when the box arrived! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They also have EXCELLENT customer service. There was an item missing from my shipment, and they rectified the situation immediately and were very kind, apologetic and professional. I think we all need a little or a lot of N. LOVE in our lives!