Soda fountain-inspired creamy chocolate eggs!

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2019 Easter Egg Flavors

Double Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

There’s no secret ingredient to reveal in this dark chocolate egg, filled with our favorite ingredient - chocolate.

Vanilla Bean

White Chocolate

Bourbon vanilla beans steeped in a white chocolate ganache are a delicious surprise, covered in white chocolate.


White Chocolate

Discover a classic combination of fresh strawberries and vanilla cream inside this white chocolate egg.

Lemon Drop

White Chocolate

Tart lemon cream is the egg-citing treasure hidden within this sweet white chocolate confection.

Mint Cookie

Dark Chocolate

No egg hunt would be complete without the perfect combination of mint and chocolate cookies.


Milk Chocolate

Find a sprinkle of sea salt and a hint of vanilla in the rich caramel center of this milk chocolate egg.

Cinnamon Stick

Milk Chocolate

A sprinkle of Mexican cinnamon will spice up your Easter in this egg-sighting milk chocolate confection.

Peanut Butter

Milk Chocolate

The center of this milk chocolate egg holds a delightful combination of marshmallow and peanut butter.

Malted Milk

Milk Chocolate

An Easter basket staple, malted milk chocolates ganache fills the center of this milk chocolate egg.


Dark Chocolate

Inside this dark chocolate egg is a taste of fresh coconut blended into a creamy center.

Our chocolate has a three week shelf life. If you are purchasing it as a gift, please keep this in mind when you select your shipping date.