Soda fountain-inspired creamy chocolate eggs!

Available for Order 3/19

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2018 "EGG CREAM" Flavors

Strawberry Cream

White Chocolate

Fresh strawberries blended into white chocolate

Orange Cream

White Chocolate

A classic combination of OJ and vanilla

Raspberry Cream

Dark Chocolate

Swirled white chocolate raspberry ganache

Peanut Butter Cream

Milk Chocolate

Smooth creamy peanut butter in milk chocolate

Lemon Cream

White Chocolate

A splash of lemon in white chocolate ganache

Chocolate Cream

Dark Chocolate

A double dose of dark chocolate

Vanilla Cream

Dark Chocolate

Vanilla custard in a dark chocolate shell

Mint Cream

Dark Chocolate

Vanilla ganache steeped in cool mint

Caramel Cream

Milk Chocolate

Creamy caramel in a milk chocolate shell

Coffee Cream

Milk Chocolate

Creamy roasted coffee bean & chocolate ganache

Our chocolate has a three week shelf life. If you are purchasing it as a gift, please keep this in mind when you select your shipping date.