Shipping Cutoffs:
Order by 12 PM 5/5 for Mother’s Day delivery!

Snickerdoodle Mother's Day Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Cinnamon cookies crumbled in milk chocolate
Cupcake Mother's Day Chocolate
White Chocolate
A sweetly frosted vanilla treat
Cherry Pie Mother's Day Chocolate
Cherry Pie
Dark Chocolate
Tart cherries and graham cracker crumbles
Mimosa Mother's Day Chocolate
White Chocolate
Zesty orange with a splash of Brut
Grandma's Chocolate Cake Mother's Day Chocolate
Grandma's Chocolate Cake
Dark Chocolate
Rich, velvety dark chocolate cake
Banana Bread Mother's Day Chocolate
Banana Bread
Milk Chocolate
Fresh bananas, brown sugar and walnuts
German Chocolate Cake Mother's Day Chocolate
German Chocolate Cake
Milk Chocolate
A Bavarian classic with pecans and coconut
Coconut Cake Mother's Day Chocolate
Coconut Cake
Dark Chocolate
Tropical coconut infused with vanilla
Special Dark Chocolate
Special Dark
Dark Chocolate
Bold 83% Black Zabuye cacao bean in dark chocolate
Cherry Cheesecake Mother's Day Chocolate
Cherry Cheesecake
White Chocolate
Cherry jam-filled New York style cheesecake
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Since our founding in 2001, we’ve been named the best premium chocolate producer in the US 6 times and featured for excellence in publications across the globe.

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"Best flavors, beautiful packaging, top-notch quality. We've become forever fans of Norman Love."
5 stars

Angela | 50 Piece Signature Gift Box

"I sent a specialty box of 25 for an anniversary gift. They loved it. The chocolates were amazing, delicious, beautiful and unique!"
5 stars

Donna | 25 Piece Signature Gift Box

"Not just absolutely gorgeous, but the most delicious chocolate I've ever had. I also give them as gifts and everyone is amazed by them."
5 stars

Julie | 10 Piece Signature Gift Box