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Classes begin at 6:30 p.m.

Class duration varies, depending on the subject matter.

To register please call (239) 561-7215

Private classes may be scheduled – Dates are limited!

11380 Lindbergh Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL

Available Classes


Learn how to create a delicious array of cookies, including classics like chocolate chip and peanut butter, the whimsical coconut macaroon, and a mystery cookie made to enjoy frozen with a scoop of our signature gelato at the end of the class.

Layered Cakes

Students will learn how to cut, fill, ice, and decorate a 6” cake, along with learning to make and pipe buttercream and ganache. Choose one of two festive designs: an ice cream drip cone cake or a magical unicorn cake!

Easter Eggs

Create your very own Easter egg chocolate sculpture filled with delicious Swiss milk chocolate truffles. We’ll guide you through creating and hand painting your own dark chocolate egg, which will then be beautifully packaged and ready to gift or enjoy by yourself!



Master the 100-year-old art of truffle making, from the luscious dark chocolate hand-formed truffle to the modern Swiss chocolate shell with fillings. Bring the finished treasures home after!


Students will be shown how to make buttercream and how to create cute and playful cupcakes using various piping techniques. The best part? Creating a custom cupcake featuring your favorite NLC gelato!

Molded Candies

Let our master chocolatiers teach you how to make our famous jewel-like chocolates! In this class, students will learn to cast liquid chocolate, hand-color shells, and mix our dreamy ganache to fill their creations.


Home Desserts

Learn to make home desserts guaranteed to impress your dinner guests! In this class you will learn to make the perfect crème brulee, rich and decadent lava cake served with gelato, a dreamy layered dessert shooter, and the luxurious Grand Mariner Soufflé.

Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Join us for a deliciously elegant night of chocolate and wine pairings hosted by Chef Norman Love. Learn the unique qualities of each of the featured chocolates, the history of chocolate and confection making, and the delicate art of pairing chocolate and wine.

2017 Schedule


3/29 Easter Eggs (sold out)
3/29 Layer Cakes


4/12 Easter Eggs (sold out)
4/12 Cupcakes


5/3 Heart Candies (vanilla cream in a dark heart shell)
5/3 Cookies
5/10 Specialty Mother's Day Cake (*$120 per person)
5/24 Truffles (sold out)
5/24 Chocolate & Wine (sold out)


6/14 Molded Candies (earl grey tea in a dark shell)
6/14 Cupcakes


7/5 Molded Candies (cookies n' cream in a dark shell)
7/5 Desserts at Home
7/26 Molded Candies (milk chocolate in a milk shell)
7/26 Cookies


8/16 Truffles
8/16 Cupcakes


9/6 Molded Candies (bittersweet choc. in a dark shell)
9/6 Chocolate & Wine
9/27 Molded Candies (bittersweet choc. in a dark shell)
9/27 Layer Cakes


10/18 Molded Candies (vanilla ganache in a dark shell)
10/18 Desserts at Home


11/8 Thanksgiving Pies