Norman Love Confections BLACK™ Single-Origin Dark Chocolate

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Taste your way through the fine cocoa regions of the world as you indulge in Norman Love Confections BLACK™ - a collection of fine dark single-origin chocolate confections that truly surpass the connoisseur's highest expectations. This ultra-premium dark chocolate collection consists of five chocolates, each made with cocoa beans from one of the world's five premium growing regions. Rare Criollo & Trinitario beans – the pinnacle of quality cocoa – were selected, allowing you to experience the distinct flavor of these top quality beans while comparing the subtleties of each region. Norman Love Confections BLACK™ chocolates are a purely dark chocolate confection and are further distinguished by a high cocoa mass, ranging from 88% to 68%.

We look forward to serving you with our new ultra-premium, healthy dark chocolate that explores the influence of a chocolate's origin from around the globe.  Visit our salon or order online

When placing your order, especially as a gift for others, please note that all of our gourmet chocolates are preservative free with no more than a three week shelf life.