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Norman Love Confections

  • Gourmet Chocolate Artist Unveils 10 New Flavors; Handcrafted White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Receives National Media Attention

    Gourmet Chocolate Artist, Norman Love Confections, Unveils 10 New Ultra-Premium Chocolate Flavors Handcrafted White, Milk & Dark Chocolates Continue Receiving National Media Attention.

    Ten new handcrafted white, milk, and dark chocolate flavors and truffles have been introduced into award-winning Norman Love Confections’ (NLC) 2010 product line complete with 36 flavors. New 2010 flavors include: 70% Dark Complexite; Champagne; Caramel Apple; Vanilla Latte; Rum Raisin; Malted Milkshake Truffle; Cherry Cordial Truffle; Almond Marzipan; Butter Pecan; and Strawberry Banana.
    Founder of NLC, Gourmet Chocolate Artist, Norman Love, who was recently named as one of North America’s Top 10 Chocolatiers, explains that his artistic chocolate [...]

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  • The Holiday Collection of Gourmet Chocolatier, Norman Love Confections Was Featured on The Rachael Ray Show "Snack of the Day".

    Gourmet Chocolatier, Norman Love Confections, Holiday Collection was featured on The Rachael Ray Show as “Snack of the Day” on December 16, 2009. Rachael Ray said the Norman Love chocolates looked like "little Christmas ornaments."


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  • Holiday Chocolate Confection Company Creates Desserts for Yuletide Celebrations

    Holiday Chocolate Confection Company, Norman Love Confections Creates Holiday Desserts for Yuletide Celebrations Opportunity to Receive a Holiday Gift through Christmas Eve for Chocolate Salon Customers.

    Award-winning Holiday Chocolate Confection Company, Norman Love Confections (NLC) suggests people save room for dessert after this year’s holiday feast. NLC is helping people plan their Christmas and holiday dinners with the availability of some gourmet, handmade pastry
    selections and contemporary takes on yesteryear’s Christmases with this year’s limited edition handcrafted milk, dark and white chocolate confections.
    NLC is offering a Baked Apple Custard Tart with Caramel Mousse, a
    Fresh Fruit Tart, a Milk Chocolate Mousse with [...]

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  • Gourmet Chocolate Company, Norman Love Confections Provides Recipes to Create Holiday Memories

    Norman Love Confections’ (NLC), a Gourmet Chocolate Company, is opening up its private cookbook and providing two holiday recipes to encourage the idea of spending time together over the holidays.

    In this economy, cooking together is a great way to create holiday memories, according to NLC Founder and a Top 10 Chocolatier in North America Norman Love says.
    “So many of us have memories of baking with our moms and grandmothers,” Love says. “We hope people continue to pass down the tradition of making homemade treats together for the holidays.”
    Below are two of Norman Love Confections recipes including a mint chocolate chip [...]

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  • Ganache Chocolate Maker, Norman Love Confections, Announces Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Hearts

    Handcrafted White, Milk & Dark Chocolate Hearts
    Say ‘I Love You’ Sweetly!

    February 14th is known as a day of LOVE and Norman Love Confections (NLC) announced today its handcrafted white, milk and dark chocolate limited edition Valentine’s Day heart flavors.
    Ganache Chocolate maker and founder of NLC Norman Love says the 2010 Valentine’s Day collection features some of the new core flavors for the new year.
    “Valentine’s Day is our biggest holiday of the year,” Love says. “We have found as years pass, the tradition of giving chocolate does not go out of fashion; however, we do try to make the chocolate [...]

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