About Us

Creative Vision

As a sculptor with his clay or a fine artist with his brush, Norman Love® and his team create their culinary art out of only the purest ingredients.  At Norman Love Confections®, formerly Ganache Chocolates, there are no mass assembly lines – only artisans at work.

We use only the finest quality of chocolates, butter, spices, nuts, purées, and flavor.  Each of the individual pieces created each week is lovingly handmade for that one instant when the flavors, texture and aromas explode in a moment of pure pleasure.

Norman Love Confections BLACK™ - An Extraordinary Chocolate Adventure

Inspired by the growing demand for dark chocolate, Norman Love Confections® has fulfilled the desire for an ultra-premium line that explores the influence of a chocolate's origin.  Prepare for the journey of exploring Norman Love Confections BLACK™, a truly captivating healthy source of fine, quality Swiss Grand Cru chocolate by renowned manufacturer Max Felchlin!

You will find as you learn more about us we have something everyone will LOVE!
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